Ooooohhhh! Ahhhh! Oh no, I was told of sooo many stories of things that happened at the SouthAfrican airport…I made sure to pray ayatul-kursi, quls, every duaa that came to mind, maybe even eating duaa, lol…I was alone…no one was with me…but hey my Allaah was always with me by my side & still is…..but our Imaan is sooo weak, u don’t realize… 

When I was flying off….sad, soft, silent, wet, warm tears started flowing out….under my Nikaab… That’s when I realized..mom I’ll miss you! (Awww, ℓ♡ℓ, shhhhh) you know you don’t feel the value of a person till u away from them…..let me tell you this from a Hadeeth: ‘Zur ghibban, tazdud Hubban’ ‘Visit every other day, you will increase the love’. So once u away you feel what your missing out on….but always nearer to the Heart….I cried not only cuz of missing mummy like a lil mummy’s girl….(chup, stop laughing..hehe, n u just laughed again) hey I’m still the lil one of my home n worse than that family still treats me till today like I’m the same 13 year old, that I once upon a time was..even then I was old enuff to manage an entire store on my own from opening to closing… n that’s also what the guji community’s mentality is, to treat us like kids! Then why in the world do they expect you to get married??? Okie leave that…

But I was in fact crying cuz in reality I’ll be missing everyone…and also these tears flowed out cuz I never knew what was ahead of me…yes 1oo% it was a dream come true….which was mad exciting…we can dream n dream but don’t ever want to wake up till that dream becomes a reality ∕̴Ɩиϑ that’s when it all kicks in n u wish u can wake up but too late, so u go on n it gets better! It was like a far away beautiful yummylicious cake…but when u tasted it..it tasted like Kaak, but wen u dug in u actually liked the middle than the sides…well at least I like the middle than the core! 

So the dream became a reality…But never knew the challenges I’d had to face, the people, atmosphere, maahol, friends, family, how about I wouldn’t be accepted as the person I am… How about I wouldn’t get along with others, or overall I wouldn’t like it….how about I didn’t know anything ∕̴Ɩиϑ was kicked back a year or all four years down… There were a lot of unanswered questions….no one was with me but How did I know that مولانا  was also there a 3.5min walk away….if only it wud be like Jannah in which u can see the rays of Lo√ع  from one heart to the other! If only مولانا  felt that I was that close….who knew down memory lane that مولانا  would be mine….a dozen years ago..we just had to thread different paths but end up in the same destination back to Square One! But nay!!!! If only مولانا  was there…its like u think of sumthing soo much n its in front of u…u fly to cloud 9….and wen u come back down, u realize you were just dreaming & wishing…maybe مولانا already left, maybe مولانا  will go home & wait….maybe مولانا will go out & seek!

Sleep wasn’t being my friend at all in the plane cause the brain kept thinking about what’s going to happen next…I would wake up and cry…I felt like a small kid again, u cry u stop u remember u cry….wen I was younger, ppl wud say to me ‘tu bo jiv baarey, ekle bo hukailee chai’ well, I guess I still do the same till today’s time n point… I wish today wud be the last day & I wish tomorrow everything wud finally end and I can start the next chapter of my life….. All we can do is duaa….

”Ahlan wa sahlan’ ‘Arriving at Abu Dhabi’ “aunty said…so I looked outside my window as I was lucky to have the window seat….the view was beautiful…words can’t describe…it was just Fajr time….all u can see is lights lights n lights everywhere…it was sooo live…I took my Hand Luggage, n made my way out down the stairs off the plane onto a bus to the terminal…can smell the fresh morning dew! How beautiful must Allaah be! Wow!! Subhanallah, I saw only Arab Brothers milk white who were seen wearing the white Jubbas with Qasidahs, some with beards…I looked up ahead to see where to go, not like I went staring em down…you know 1st gaze is maaf, so don’t move ur eyes…tawbah! hey but Soo much respect they have for a Nikaabi sister, they must of thought I was an arab sister…as wen many ppl see me the way I dress I get asked if I’m from saudi or afghanistan etc. When I say India but born & raised in Canada..they seem to be shocked! Khair…I seemed like a confused sister, was asked in arabic ‘ slmm, sister are u connecting flights’ ‘wslmm, Na am-yes’ ‘go down, straight, left past the counters, straight n turn right, straight n gate is there’ jzkk…was my response… 

From the above I concluded “My prospective of a Hubby” that I will be expecting/concerned about/as well as applying features of some sort of something to the above particularly in the future days to come… As in, this is how I’d want him to be modestly dressed in the Sunnah attire with the beauty of the beard…. We want that when Nabi (SAW) sees us He (SAW) would recognize us and not turn his face away because of neglecting His Sunnah… ‘Oh Allaah I want to thank you for everything you’ve guided me from the wrong and gave me hope…thank you for all the things you’ve done for me thru all the years I’ve been lost…. Alhumdulillah….its been over a dozen years in the Nikaab Alhumdulillah, May Allaah give istiqaamat/steadfastness. Ameen!’

Called mom, didn’t answer 😥 so called the step dad, he did answer shukr….then called nana & then dad!–it was early morning in Canada. Just cuz all were worried, eekhli poiri gai… Nee haaru kewai! U no how the gujis are..always picking on sumthing to flame up the fire! Then went online cuz they had computers with free internet! Typical gujiii!! Welcome to india! ℓ♡ℓ..msgd few of my girls telling em in Abu dhabi  ∕̴Ɩиϑ time it was to fly away

…..Reached SA bfor 5am…uncle (actually moms uncle) reached n already went home (didn’t no that), I reached n was waiting for uncle & also aunty who was coming in the flight after & the cuzs were coming after her… So it was 5 of us all on diff. Flights except 2cuzs together… I don’t really remember how uncle n aunty looked like, only met em one day in cuzs wedding. but I hoped I’d find them.. Do remember in guji community, when you meet someone, they become your uncle & aunty, maa & baaji…but its a shame that wen a sister sees a brother, or brother sees a sister she/he doesn’t become and I repeat she/he will deny to call him sister/brother…..!!! True ah… Shurp…. Sooo maybe I shud end here…no, okie…there I go.

I came out and expected uncle to be waiting only to realize he is not there..so I decided to go around the airport now that was a lil crazy that I did that…it was too early for most stores to be open.but hey got to say the airport is pretty amazing u expect like the way ppl talk bout africa, like as if they’d have a hut as an airport or even better a structure made from bamboo sticks and a chaapru! ℓ♡ℓ hey they pretty uptodate..

I came out with 3 full suitcases…don’t ask what I had in them my wardrobe ∕̴Ɩиϑ my pantry/pentry (however u spell it) okie I mean my junk food closet! N now here my advice to all going to SA! U get better junk food there don’t take everything ok maybe just sum yummy JF….okie so my suitcases were the huge big ones that barely weigh anything..that’s why I’m indian cuz -‘ll be able to fit more in there…the old papa ones..u can’t find em anymore, its like black with flowers oll over them..I’ll cherish mine and keep it forever…ℓ♡ℓ hopefully Hubby won’t chuk them out….so I went around dragging the 3 suitcases n hey I was the one who carried em n put em on my trolley…jee… Don’t challenge me to arm wrestling… Alhumdulillah I’ll beat you even if u take C-24 or steroids or haram whey protein….come challenge me…. Btw whoever my future Hubby is shud be informed of this, someone take the honours… (Hehehe…if only he can read this, plz I ask all of u don’t tell him about this blog…)
He must go beat up my 2nd youngest bro, for beating my muscles just cuz I beat him in arm wrestling n I told him ill tell ur broinlaw! So plz beat him up! I think he must be scared.

Ahhhhh…help karyoooo mane joyaa kare ne maraa pachaat chai…trolley is soo heavy…!!!!! 
{P.S. To Be Continued}
Listening to: “Allaah hi Allaah kiyaa karo…”