Oct/11/2013 7:58PM———>Ring ring “Call from SHERI I” ring ring “Call from SHERI I” chup caller ID aunty…”Slmm..this is papa from MASERU, SouthAfrica…we leaving back tomorrow to SA…Jee, I was just telling Nana right now that its been exact 4yrs since I landed in SouthAfrica!” 

…..Let’s walk down memory lane…it was my dream coming true….I was at the airport meeting with the gang of WSG (West Side Gujarat) cousins, I was with them cuz sadly only mummy came to drop me she even got a parking ticket cuz it took a lil long since I got my suitcases out of the car n she came in for me to stand in line till I got my boarding pass! Wallah the pain she went thru cuz of me…Allaah 4giv me, Ameen…but hey WSG gang nd aunt n uncle were there for me tooo…also 2 of the cuzs were also coming SA to continue Hifz..so I met n hugged the family n laughed..didn’t actually cry… I spoke to frnds & family in the previous days & in their absence I balled out my eyes & flew away! Ahhhh…how much I cried days before leaving..sadly not for THE MOM!

….Any who, I heard an announcement, n I knew it was for me, telling me go to your gate before the gate is closed…it was then that I realized goodbyes are not forever. I ran to “GATE Jay” whilst been yelled at by THE MOM! Like seriously!!! Even on the day I’m leaving you for like 15months who knows if the Kaariyas will kill me…who knows I’ll be spared..who knows nothing will happen to you. 

Khair… I felt someone’s thin arms wrap around my back while hugging me, I felt no flesh just plain bones…I can feel her ribs…she’s thinner than me..her head on my shoulder, I can hear her sobbing away a pool of wet warm tears.. I felt the regret, remorse, sorrow, sorry-feeling, sadness…I felt like all these years I’ve missed on this chunk of LBlack heart (cards)√ع , only cuz to me it was like a piece of cake, eaten away…without a second thought! You know why….cause at that given moment I couldn’t let a tear come out… I hadn’t realized that it was this same person who sacrificed herself, her health & wealth only till she made me into the person I am today! ∕̴Ɩиϑ yes its none other than THE MOTHER!……. I made her let go of me…& went straight into the gate didn’t have the courage to turn around did a quick 3.5sec turn waved passed by, got security checked in….was rushing..feet were aching….had to go quickly couldn’t miss this flight! 

The flight that changed my life around ∕̴Ɩиϑ molded me to the girl I am today! My standards, motives, goals, thoughts, expressions, appearance, character, Deen, Dunya, Humor, Strictness, Coolness, Sweetness (hehehe just trying to fit in words here), kindness, okie I should really stop…but basically I changed not by one thing but as a whole….I realized life was really different….”Where there is a Will, there is a way” I felt like I wanted to change myself…I wanted to bring out the best in me….it was nothing on my part it was cuz of others….their duaas…their motivation, their push, there keen help that got me to do this! n most of all it was thru Allaahs help that I did all this..n the success came after Istikharah! (How I ended up in SA will be blogged later) 

I believe that who we become is nothing great of ourselves, we should learn how to take the duaas of others…cuz that can take one far, who knows who’s duaas at what given point Allaah accepts, so let’s try to become those individuals who are blessed by others duaas given from their heart. ‘Duaas given from the heart get accepted” we might just bring a smile on another’s face, treat them like they’ve never been treated bfor or just a kind word or a shoulder to cry on, or just a plain simple statement that can lead a person on the straight path! All this is thru the blessings of Allaah, we should thank him ∕̴Ɩиϑ seek the pleasure, ∕̴Ɩиϑ let’s also make duaas for others, as when we make duaas for others an Angel is always there saying same to you or even better! Subhanallah.

{P.S. I will continue this in the next few parts…sooon..n preview will also be continued later}