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{01} …Part 157= Part 1 / Part One

Sooo….Salaam…..I really don’t no where to start, sooo much to write such little time…all the thoughts are from my heart & mind…the stories and all are not in order whatever comes to mind is written down! Your thinking WHAT!!! Part 157 ???? Where in the world are Parts 1-157….well, think about it this way…it would be a lil boring to start from 1 so I decided to add a 57 after 1….hope its tad-bit interesting….there has to be a meaning to this # we have to get the code cracked….but hey let’s leave it till the end! I am not a Shakespeare…I cannot write a lot… I can only write 3 little words…….okie sorry just have a bad habit of getting carried away! So I’m in L♥√ع with reading blogs  ∕̴Ɩиϑ soo I decided to write my own blog, actually Mami…got me hooked on…so Mami- her story will be part of my blog too bfor n when I took my trip to SA-South Africa; exactly 4 years ago from today’s date!!! The bad thing is Time Flies…but the good thing is we are its own pilot. Seconds turn 2 minutes 2 hours 2 days 2 weeks 2 months 2 years…..from 1990-today 23.3yrs old (well on the 8th)

Let me give you a preview of my blog that I have to fill from part 1-157…. 3.5sec. Later I smelt him… His scent & fragrance soo freshly smelt by my nose till today’s time its been almost 6months!!! His memory soo freshly in my eyesight…if only he caught me looking at him I passed him by, wishing he would just grab my hand ∕̴Ɩиϑ pull me back saying okie let’s go Wifey! Ahhhh… 
….Bowmanville will forever be remembered in my heart…its what changed me into the person I am today! There are the ups n downs…roundabouts that we hate…but all this is a vivid memory…once the day passes by, becomes a memory that will be engraved in the heart forever….. If only I can turn back on my heels .∕̴Ɩиϑ change all the wrongs ∕̴Ɩиϑ I wish I did things differently! But alas! Once its done, can’t be undone….
…..The dream of my life of studying overseas came true….as I mentioned exactly 4yrs ago…. My bro mentioned he went 10yrs ago. “Kaarya loko maari laakh hai!” Nani said.
….Seeking knowledge is Fardh Compulsory on every Muslim! We go on a journey meeting new ppl who turn out to be friends forever…they say wen u meet someone in the path of ﷲ u will never be able to forget them…. So maybe I met him a dozen years ago whilst in His path..who knows if he was The Man! 

That’s it for now…the preview will be continued!

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